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One of the beauties of denim is that it evolves and begins to age with every wear and wash, making it a unique item in your wardrobe. The method in which one cares for their jeans can either help keep the original look or create a completely different effect. This is a suggestive guide to enjoying and caring for your very own Parker Smith jeans.

Always refer to the inside care label wash instructions for specific directions as they are based on the particular technique applied to the garment.



It is best to wash your jeans before the first wear, especially darker shades, to reduce indigo transferring onto lighter objects such as furniture or your favorite white tee shirt. Color may bleed for the first few washes and can tint other articles in the same load. Generally when washing a pair of basic blue denim, we recommend machine washing inside out with like colors to prevent fading. You may use the cycle and detergent of your choice, however cold water in a gentle cycle is preferred. Tumble dry on a low heat until your jeans are just dry and not overheated.  Your jeans have gone through several wash processes during the production cycle so the vast majority of the fabric shrinkage has already occurred.  However, if you are concerned about further shrinkage, the jeans can be line dried or dry them just long enough to regain their shape and then line dry the rest of the way. Note that typically after wear and wash, your jeans will shrink back to their original shape. If you want them to last longer, it is best to limit the amount of washes between wears.


Delicate fabrics and certain unique hand crafted washes or dyes may require a little extra care in order to make them last. We suggest that you launder these special items as infrequently as possible, and when they are in need of a wash, to do so by hand. Refer to your detergent’s recommended hand wash instructions and lay the garment flat to dry. Again, always make sure to read the care label inside the garment for washing instructions.


If the care label instructions are to dry clean, we suggest doing so only on occasion. The chemicals used may weaken the fabric over time, reducing the life span of your denim. Spot clean your garment when necessary and wear as many times as possible between cleanings.


Feel free to have alternations made for a custom and personalized fit. One size does not fit all. Depending on your specific height and inseam, your jeans may need to be cut shorter to achieve your desired length. Be sure to wash the garment prior to any alterations to allow for any shrinkage.